PhD projects

in Business Information Management

We live in a highly connected world that is filled with digital technology, social media, mobile devices, Internet-of-Things, smart cities, and connected cars. Growth of information technology has created new opportunities across different industries as companies innovate to meet changes in consumer demand, and has given rise to new challenges. In our PhD programme in Information Systems, you will be trained to conduct innovative research to address increasingly complex challenges facing digital society.

We are seeking highly motivated working individuals with demonstrated academic ability, that are committed to interdisciplinary research on significant information technology and management issues, and who desire to pursue a PhD in this field. As a PhD student, you will gain the training and experience necessary to conduct independent research. You will work closely with the advisors to define, develop, and execute your own research.

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with our faculty members. They are working on a wide-range of interdisciplinary research topics, broadly categorised in three sub-domains: Digital Strategy, Business Analytics, and Energy Informatics. More specifically, the faculty members are interested in supervising the following topics, including:

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital platforms
  • Digital marketing and recommendation
  • Crowd sourcing and crowd funding
  • User generated content
  • Mobile advertising
  • Digital markets and auctions
  • Digital privacy
  • Social networks
  • Ethics of AI
  • AI and decision making
  • Energy markets and smart grid
  • Smart cities