Selection Procedure

The number of applicants for the ERIM PhD in Management exceeds the number of available PhD positions by far so applicants are subjected to a competitive selection process.

Upon receipt of the complete online application (including all the required documents), the ERIM Doctoral Office performs an initial screening of applicant and his/her application. If the applicant meets the initial requirements, his/her application file is forwarded to potential supervisor(s) of the chosen project (which is indicated on the ERIM Doctoral Programme Application Form). The supervisors then assess whether the applicant is a suitable candidate for the project by reviewing applicant's application files and by conducting at least one interview (in person, via Skype or by phone). If the potential supervisors are not interested in the candidate, no interview will take place. If the supervisors are interested in having the applicant as a PhD candidate they will write a nomination letter to the ERIM management team. When the applicant is nominated  for a PhD position, he/she will have to send his/her complete application package with all the required documents in hard-copy to the ERIM Doctoral Office. However, the nomination for a PhD position does not automatically entail acceptance into the ERIM PhD programme. The ERIM management team decides which of the nominated candidates will be offered a position within the ERIM PhD programme.

Please note that nomination and selection of PhD candidates will only take place after the application deadline. The results of the selection procedure will be available approximately two months after the closing of the application deadline.

All applicants will be notified in due time about the results of their application. It is therefore not necessary to contact the ERIM Doctoral Office for updates on the status of one's application.